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What's All This Then?

Hi. I'm David, and welcome to my showcase of curious objects.

This site is intended to be an on-line collection and display of some of my sculptural work.

It's still in its initial stages, mostly while I try to teach myself some html, so bear with me while I piece it all together.

I've been making sculpture for about eight years, and completed honours at the University of Tasmania's School of Art in Hobart in 2003.
Those were the days. Now I live and work in Sydney, and make curious objects on my own time.

So why do I make art? For the same reason most artists do I think. It keeps me sane. Sure I also do it because it's facinating and engaging and I get a kick out of bringing all of my faculties to bear on something that's ultimately useless, but mostly I do it because if I didn't, I'd go crazy.

I also occasionally make art because people ask me to. I've previously designed sets, built props, painted venues and illustrated a book. it's always a bit nerve-wracking, because I'm not one of those conceptual types that know exactly what they're doing from the word go. In fact the reverse is usually true. My main motivation for finishing sculptures is finding out what they're going to look like.

The site was (and is still being) built on a Ubuntu Linux platform with Komposer and Bluefish. Image compostion and pokery-jiggery with the GIMP.
Tech support, web geekery and kicks up the backside by Dan Haggard.
HTML geekery, occasional photography and catering by Roz Pursey.

Feel free to contact me with requests, fanmail, hatemail, links to your own work, whatever. I hope you like what you see. Enjoy.


All images copyright of the artist