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Apollo    2007

Fibreglass mannequine limb, Stainless steel, Perspex, Electrical fittings.    52cm high.    Private collection.

This piece contains a lot of different ideas. The illuminated disk is a cross between a halo and a sun. I was thinking of Apollo, identified with the sun god Helios, who daily drove his chariot across the sky. Apollo the god of music, particularly the harp, which I think the raised hand is reminicent of. And I was thinking of the Apollonian qualities of enlightenment, intellect and reason. The color choice is a nod to this last notion and to a dear friend, mathematician and musician, who embodies all theses qualities in marked contrast to my own Dionysian tendencies. He wears a lot of black as well. This one is dedicated to you man.
The black and white theme gave the lamp a sort of art-deco feel that I didn't plan on, and people like it. Among fans of my work, it's consistently a favorite in this series.


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