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Content Updates, Personal It’s been a while . . .


After a few months of downtime, I’ve added new stuff to the gallery.  ‘Prometheus’ is finally photographed and viewable here.  The main thing holding me up lately has been a broken hand.  Don’t ever get angry and put your fist through furniture.  I do not at all recommend it.

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Content Updates More new things


I’ve put three more sculptures up on the gallery.  The ‘Sauron Bunny’, the ‘Raspberry’ and and untitled and unfinished piece tagged ‘Gargoyle’ for now. Check ’em all out here.

Content Updates New Sculpture

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With photographic assistence from the wonderful Roz, there are now some new images in the gallery.  ‘Trust’ has been recently completed, and “I’m living in the 70’s” has been around for a little while now, waiting for it’s moment in the spotlight.

It’s thundering a gale outside right now, which makes me feel better about whiling away time in front of the PC.

Content Updates More old school stuff


Well, I’m back from Tas and while I was there found a couple of oldies that have miraculously survived this long.  ‘Beggar’ and ‘Hawaiian Holiday’ have been added to the gallery page.  Apologies for the grainy photos.  I took them with my phone.

Hopefully I’ll have some NEW stuff to add soon . . .

Content Updates More updates and Black Pepper


I’ve added a couple of links to the links page. Hurrah.

More excitingly, I’m now a moderator on Black Pepper, the latest brainchild of the amazing Dan.  Check it out!

Content Updates More images in the Sideshow


Here are another nine scans of the illustrations for ‘Girls’