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Personal Things to do in Tasmania

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Hi all.

I’m in Tasmania again, on one of my regular visits.  That means lots of time to tinker online, even if it is via dialup.

I’m trying to teach myself about RSS feeds.  It occurs to me I could use one (I think) to feed posts here over to my old Livejournal, which is now collecting whatever the online equivalent of dust is.  I’m discovering though that it’s hard to teach yourself when you know absolutely nothing to start with.

I went to a hippy Christian yokel wedding yesterday.  The happy couple got married in a paddock full of dung, after being reminded of the purposes for which God created marriage, to whit “The bringing fourth of children into a well-ordered society”.  Then the reception at a nearby church hall turned into a good old-fashioned hoe-down.  I wish I was making this up. . .

Worse still, the whole thing was overrun with two or three dozen shrieking demonic homonculi who’s parents were in most cases my age or younger.  And I had to deal with the indulgent and slightly amused pity of young Christians who won’t believe that I’m happy or complete until I find Jesus and a wife, all in the same week.  Ok, possibly I’m just imagining it.  Possibly.

It must be said the catering was first class.

Oh well, here’s to Benny and Rachel, and to all the different ways that people can find happiness.

The annoying part is that I’m not necessarily happy or complete.  But that is incidental.  Hmm . . . .

On something of a tangent, I’m disturbed to report that the online etymological dictionary
doesn’t have a reference for ‘homonculus’.  It’s one of my favorite words too.

I’m missing the studio.

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Studio More odd jobs


Tonight, I’ll be handing over a couple of pairs of antlers I made for a friend to wear to Winterfest.  Precision carved from styrofoam and EVA.  I find myself doing the oddest jobs.

Content Updates More updates and Black Pepper


I’ve added a couple of links to the links page. Hurrah.

More excitingly, I’m now a moderator on Black Pepper, the latest brainchild of the amazing Dan.  Check it out!

Content Updates More images in the Sideshow


Here are another nine scans of the illustrations for ‘Girls’


Website Updates Fixed a few bits


I’ve added corrections to all the links on the main site now – I think, especially the contact button at the top of the page, which now points to the contact form.

Admin Blog appears to be functional.


A BIG thanks to Dan the Man for getting this baby up in the air.

I must apologise to to WordPress,  which it turns out is only a ‘bloated pig’ when you’ve missed a couple of crutial version updates.  Now that I’m starting to get the hang of this, I can see why so many folks like WP so much.

The contact form is up and running now, so start sending in that hate mail!

I’m still not sure what the deal is with setting up users.  I’ll worry about that when someone other than me is reading this :)

Past my bedtime . . .


Admin Dan is the man


And he says he’s fixed my issues.  This is another test post.  If you’re reading this people, be nice to your web admins, whoever and wherever they are.

Admin So I lied.


Ok, so I’m not doing admin just yet.  I can’t find a contact widget that I can make work and the WP admin utility is a bloated pig that keeps threatening to crash my browser.  More news as it comes to hand.