Admin Blog appears to be functional.


A BIG thanks to Dan the Man for getting this baby up in the air.

I must apologise to to WordPress,  which it turns out is only a ‘bloated pig’ when you’ve missed a couple of crutial version updates.  Now that I’m starting to get the hang of this, I can see why so many folks like WP so much.

The contact form is up and running now, so start sending in that hate mail!

I’m still not sure what the deal is with setting up users.  I’ll worry about that when someone other than me is reading this :)

Past my bedtime . . .


Admin Dan is the man


And he says he’s fixed my issues.  This is another test post.  If you’re reading this people, be nice to your web admins, whoever and wherever they are.

Admin So I lied.


Ok, so I’m not doing admin just yet.  I can’t find a contact widget that I can make work and the WP admin utility is a bloated pig that keeps threatening to crash my browser.  More news as it comes to hand.

Admin Howdy

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Hi all. I’ve finally gotten round to begining to admin the new blog. It’ll look like crap for a while yet while I tinker with the theme, but this’ll do for now. Feel free to start ranting on here about the site, or whatever is on your mind.