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I'm living in the Seventies    2008

Fibreglass mannequin limb, Aluminium, plastic cookware, Electrical fitting.    35cm high.

Another tribute to all the appalling kitsch colours of the 70's; green, brown and orange. The brown I particularly like. It's based (as best as I can remember) on the particular shade of brown that was favoured for the tops of vinyl-topped two-tone Datsun 120Y's and other such vehicles. Who thought that was ever a good idea? Special thanks to Roz for mixing the tone just right for me. She's very good with paint.

The title is a a tribute to Skyhooks, who show us all that tackyness can have a magic all of it's own. Incidentally, I just missed out on living in the seventies myself, but I think I would have liked it. Ever get the feeling you're living in the wrong age?


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