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Nuclear Family    2000

Cast plaster, Wax, Wood, Tin plate and light fittings. Five items, each approx 20x12cm

This piece was five malformed hands mounted at eye-level under some sickly yellow lights I rigged up. It was a play on nuclear holocaust compared to the horribly disfunctional way that modern nuclear families tend to struggle along. You know the sort of thing, co-dependancy, second-guessing, everyone worrying too much about what everyone else thinks and no-one looking out for their own mental health. Ick.

I thought the quantity of hands was arbitrary at the time. It only occurred to me afterwards that my own family had at that time five members, myself included. Revelation often sneaks up on me like that through my work. My folks are pretty cool actually, but they have been hard to live with in the past.

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