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Peng Colony    2009

Cast and painted plaster. Unspecified number of objects, each 10cm high.

This was an entry for a show themed 'Reproduction' at Polymorph Gallery. My good friend and occasional collaborator James Flaxman created this bizarre pseudo penguin figure which was promptly dubbed the 'Peng'. Since we could think of nothing more horrible than a vast army of these things swarming over every surface, it had to be done.

The piece was intended to be a commentary on the arbitrary overpricing of art just because it's unique. Each peng was tagged at a fiver, except for one which was given a little party hat and pimpin' painted waistcoat, and priced at one hundred. No, he didn't sell. Update: Some friends recently honeymooned in Thailand, and on their return told me that in Thai, the word 'peng' roughly translates as 'expensive' or 'overpriced'. It's finding out things like that that make life worth living.

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