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Synapse    2001

Cast wax. Two items each approx 17x23cm.

At this time I was casting my own hands, and the results cropped up in several pieces. Synapse is about the way that the essence of things is often in the spaces between them. Our minds exist in the tiny little gaps that are between the ends of nerve fibres in our brain. Combustion engines work because of the tiny gap that makes the spark at the plug. Relationships between people are about the space between them, and God exists in the minds of some people precisely because he can't be touched.

It's not obvious in this image, but when it's installed in a space, the lower hand is mounted on a steel rod that brings it to eye-level, while the upper hand is suspended on a thin wire at whatever length is necessary. The upper hand swings gently in ambient breezes, always reaching and never quite touching.

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